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First Aid Gloves


Project description:

The human brain decides within seconds whether first aid measures should be initiated or omitted. In fact, only one in three accident victims in Germany receives first aid, which many people pay for with their lives every year.

The greatest inhibitions in carrying out first aid measures are the fear of contact with strangers as well as a lack of knowledge and practice in emergency situations. The "First Aid Gloves" combine the basic protection of disposable medical gloves with helpful first aid instructions. They ensure patient and self-protection and promote willingness to provide first aid by overcoming inhibitions.

With internationally understandable pictograms, the imprinted latex medical gloves create a safe and intuitive framework for handling a hectic emergency situation.

On the left hand is a checklist that must be completed first, as well as instructions for the stable lateral position. The imprint on the right glove shows the instructions for performing chest compressions. The product impresses with its compact and wallet-friendly packaging, making it ready for immediate use.

The "First Aid Gloves" are designed to help, encourage and ultimately save lives.



Since spring 2022, the two product designers Anna Koppmann (28-years-old) and Marie Radke (34-years-old), have been working together to establish the "First Aid Gloves" on the market. In 2021, the two founders successfully completed their studies at the UdK Berlin. In their previous work, the design focus was on products that respond to social and environmental problems and thus offer added value to society. After years of good collaboration in various projects, the two product designers now want to start a company together. The project "First Aid Gloves", which Anna Koppmann developed during her studies, now forms the basis for their business model. Together, they are campaigning for more civil courage in our society. |