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Chamber of biogas


Zuzanna Banasiak, Anna Gwiazda, Mateusz Mioduszewski. Students of the Design Departments of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Katowice, whose lives intertwined during their master's studies in Warsaw. Zuzanna believes in honest, wisely designed everyday objects and in the symbiosis of education and design; Anna highly values ​​cooperation with psychologists in order to understand the needs of exceptional users, including children, and focuses also on redefining the objects that surround us; Mateusz devotes his attention to creating modern, ecological solutions and designing artistic film scenery. Thanks to the perception of design as a tool to achieve various goals, designers together create unusual, fun objects and, above all, supported by a comprehensive design process.

Project description:
Chamber of biogas is an educational and experimental project involving active gardening in kindergarten gardens. The children are introduced to good habits creating environmentally friendly space. They learn through an analogue experience of creating gas from biomass. The future generations carry the immense burden of caring for the environment, therefore they must acquire sufficient know-how about renewable energy sources and living in the spirit of a closed circuit. Our facility presents the way biogas is produced from the biomass collected by children, which under proper conditions goes through a methane fermentation process. The fermentation tank presents various elements leading you through the stages of the process. One of these elements are gloves for mixing compost in the tank, which is then followed by a spectacular depiction of gradual production of gas. The produced gas may be used for interesting experiments, and the additional advantage is a good quality fertilizer for other garden works. This way children are creating a closed system of matter.

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