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TRIAshoes - compact urban footwear


Graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań, Faculty of Architecture and Design, majoring in Design. Winner of the Design Tiger competition, Stone Master "In a search for new structures" and finalist of the ACO "Zone of entry - communication". In her projects Karolina tries to combine minimalist forms and geometric structures with multi-level application of objects.

Project description:
The idea behind TRIAshoes was to integrate several types of footwear in order to create a practical item with multiple applications. The project was created in response to the expectations and needs of active recipients. The whole item consists of a material footwear base, 3 types of soles - flat, semi-solid, solid and bags for storing the individual elements. The separation of the soles allows the base to be used as a leisure shoe, which is particularly convenient during long journeys and allows trouble-free maintenance. Its small size and weight save luggage space. The lacing method allows for docking the soles and proper adhesion of the whole structure to the surface of the foot. Its characteristic visual features are created by its geometric structure. The lacing is an alternative to traditional laces, perfect for the elderly, people struggling with degenerative conditions of the hands and children learning to tie their shoes. The objects were designed in such a way as to ensure that the user can change the footwear depending on the situation and weather conditions. The TRIAshoes project is a solution addressed at active people who value ergonomics and comfort of use.