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Recycling Reject


Tim Teven (1993)Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018. With hands on, technical and material driven approach to design he simplifies objects to the essence with an eye on sustainability. Always interested in introducing design into industrial process and vice versa. Questioning every step carefully to end up with responsible yet surprising objects.

Project description:
Cellulose paper fibres can only be recycled five to seven times. After this the fibres are waste to the paper recycling industry. A single recycling plant produces up to 4000 tons of these unrecyclable fibres every year, which now end up in landfill or get burned. In ‘Recycling Reject’, Tim Teven finds a purpose for these seemingly unrecyclable fibres generated by the paper recycling industry. By shredding and drying the leftover fibres, adding a binding recipe and pigment, and then moulding under pressure. Teven creates a new hard and strong material, like natural stone with a smooth surface. Which functions as modular building blocks to build several furniture pieces such as tables, stools or shelves