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for young designers
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OWADOM. Objects that support pollinating insects


My name is Joanna Trela, I am a graduate of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. I like working with materials such as wood, metal, glass, ceramics. I draw inspiration from nature and old craftsmanship.

Project description:
Wild bees are as efficient pollinators as honey bees, which is why it is worth taking care of them and being aware of their needs and problems. I wanted my project to not only have a design value, but also an educational value. I want to show that caring for these insects is not difficult, dangerous and requires no effort. My goal was to design a collection of ceramic homes for various species of wild pollinating insects. Through my work I want to familiarize people with the presence of wild pollinators and attract people potentially interested in taking care of wild bees in cities and beyond.