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Nido - guardians of our memories


Agata Starmach was born in Kraków, where she graduated from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. This year she also graduated in Domestic Design at the School of Form. Agata focuses on designing objects and spaces, and her concepts are often based on humanities research. She likes to work on the target material, which often changes the design but also brings about extraordinary satisfaction.

Project description:
Today, the main mediators of memories are digital devices. We are storing more and more important personal items in an intangible form. The way we store our memories also has an impact on how often we go back to them and whether we share them with our loved ones. Nido figures are guardians of our memories. Their job is to materialize, anchor and preserve personal memorabilia. The objects do not reveal their functions to us through their form, they are kind of hiding-places, which only their owner knows about. Each of them holds a hidden pen drive, on which we can save selected files, representing important memories.