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M°Or, Homemade Fermentation Set


This year's graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Katarzyna defended her final dissertation at the jewellery studio, supervised by A. Danielak-Kujda, Ph.D. Earlier, she studied Design in Warsaw and Bratislava, where she developed a passion for ceramics. She took part in numerous competitions and exhibitions, among others, an exhibition for the finalists of the International Gizenfrit Ceramics Competition (Turkey, 2017), her works have been exhibited twice in the main building of the National Museum in Wrocław, also in Lednica, Gdynia, Bratislava, Warsaw. She completed a two-month internship in Brussels at Frederik Delbart Studio in 2015, and at the Zelmer design office in Warsaw in 2014. In 2016 she worked at the Lisanne Van Zanten ceramic studio in Utrecht. At the last Festival of High Temperatures in Wrocław she conducted glazing workshops and, together with Agnieszka Tchórzewska, she built her own ceramic furnace. Katarzyna draws inspiration for her projects from the world around her, especially from nature. She is interested in eco-friendly design and socially engaged design. Currently Katarzyna creates ceramic patterns at a small studio in Warsaw's Mokotów.

Project description:
M°Or is an offer to return to the tradition of home-made sour products that have a very positive impact on our health. It's an elegant and easy-to-use glassware, combination of tradition and modernity, makes it easy to obtain own fermented products. The transparent glass gives the opportunity to see changes over a time in the jar, on an everyday basis. Cover is made of stoneware. The product has been equipped with an active carbon filter to absorbe fermentation odors . The set is also equipped with a laddle to taste fermented juices . Name- M°Or, means more than normal fermentation and abbreviation of MicrORganisms.