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GUKLA blankets


GUKLA - Cooperation between Kaja and Martyna. Martyna Bugajna- Skrzypczak. Born in 1986. A lawyer by profession. Mother of Klara, Gustaw and Melania. She founded GUKLA. Kaja Almond Duck. Born in 1986. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, majoring in set design and fashion design. She works at theatres and on sets as a stage designer and costume designer. Mother of Marianna and Tytus. Kaja designs at GUKLI. It was born out of need. It came into being when Tytus came up to her and said: "Mum, draw it for me, because you can draw better...". We want to give our children a chance to influence how the space and objects around them look like. When designing, we are inspired by, or directly benefit from, the work of our children. We want to give them a sense of agility. We want to spend time drawing together! We want to be able to see what is important to them! Give them the space misappropriated by adults. Because childhood means being brave! Freedom! Design is fun!

Project description:
The products include picnic blankets and preschool blankets. It is a professional response to the issue of unprofessionalism, imperfection, incorrectness. Feeling tired of the constant need to be perfect, we have created two family patterns: “non-ideal cats” and “sea and land”. Large-format illustrations tolerate carrot stains, unintentional and intentional marker marks. They are not afraid to say: "This will not come off in the wash". They help us survive the journey and pre-school rest time, serving as a of a great book which you can cuddle up with.