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Guidog - harness for a guide dog


Paulina Morawa - designer, student at the Faculty of Industrial Forms at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Since the beginning of her adventure with design, Paulina has been taking up various design challenges and looking for simple, logical and at the same time clever solutions. Guidog harness esign is her bachelor's degree project. Currently, she is finishing working on her master's degree and cooperating with Ergo Design, a design agency from Kraków.

Project description:
Guidog is a guide dog harness for blind people, which has been designed in cooperation with users. The harness is made of durable and breathable materials, which makes it more comfortable for both users. The most important goal of the project was to reinforce the flow of information transmitted from the dog's front paws to the handle, which allows the blind person to avoid obstacles. That is why Guidog has a plastic shell underneath the textile layer, which makes it more rigid than conventional harnesses. The rigid structure, on the other hand, transmits more vibrations, which increases its efficiency. In addition, the harness has two interchangeable handles.