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Gaja - kitchenware


Katarzyna was born and raised in Podhale - close to nature and tradition, hence her passion for crafts, natural materials and culture from different regions of the world. Graduate of "Kenar" in Zakopane and the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where her final graduation project was Gaja - a set of kitchen utensils.

Project description:
In today's busy and polluted world, more and more people want to take care of themselves and of Mother Nature by going back to the roots and reaching for traditional solutions in different spheres of life. A ritual which we gladly revive in the privacy of our homes is bread baking. The Gaja set was inspired by traditional ceramic dishes which have been used for thousands of years for that purpose. It consists of three modules - a bowl, a sieve and a flat dish. Each of them is useful at various stages of bread baking - from kneading the dough, to rising it, to baking bread in a hot oven. In order to meet the expectations of modern users, who look for universal solutions, the form of the dishes was designed so that all three modules match each other and create as many different configurations as possible - their creator is the user and his/her needs. The set can also become e.g. a hotplate that keeps dishes warm on the table, a lantern or a baking tray for storing baked goods. That is why the Gaja set is so unique - it will never become useless.