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Behind Our Daily Meals


Since childhood, Lior has been passionate about creating new things. At the age of five, she started sculpting, and very shortly after, she has created her very own ceramic products. Although most of it did not turn to be a part of her portfolio, still one can see in it a spark of talent. Lior had known she was going to design products, long before she realized it was actually a profession. She has graduated with high honor from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel in 2012 .In the years passed since that, she has been working in major design firms in Israel with great success. Throughout that time, Lior has excelled in creative thinking, research and development of various products from concept to launch, at the kitchenware, kids and toys realms.

Project description:
The project aims to stimulate moral discussion about the legitimacy of animal exploitation and their basic rights, an issue that most people prefer not to deal with. Basic graceful scenes are in fact paintings depicting common exploitation methods in the meat, milk and eggs industries. On each vessel, there is a handwritten Hebrew word, which describes the action depicted: livestock dehorning, importing, chick sexing and killing. The connection between dishes, which we use daily while eating, and in between such animal oppression scenes, puts the user in a situation in which he has to confront his daily choices.