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ASHka - ash-made ceramic

MATEUSZ MIODUSZEWSKI zwycięzca nagrody specjalnej Łódź Design Festival 10.000 PLN

Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, majoring in Industrial Design. In 2018 his work received the main prize in the international Blue Drop competition and a distinction at the Graduation Project 2019. Before coming to Silesia, Mateusz graduated with distinction from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Supraśl, specialization - woodcarving. He cooperates with professional design agencies, cultural institutions and private entities. Mateusz specializes in projects in the area of design, graphics and photography. He is also interested in the art of theatre and film, hence he engages in projects in the area of set design.

Project description:
Living in Silesia I realised how and in what quantities coal is used. While carrying out my market research, I paid attention to the field of commercial power engineering. The fact that a large part of the energy sector is based on fossil fuels from on the national scale is not insignificant. Going further into the subject, I noticed that behind the whole economy there are huge deposits of waste, and it should be noted that the majority of energy-related residues are ashes. Numerous attempts have led to the creation of a plastic made up of as much as 70% of ash waste. This technically tested material proved to be an excellent material for making ceramic plates, dishes and pots with an open possibility to expand the product range. An additional feature of the material is its extensive potential resulting from the possibility to shape the raw material through a variety of natural dyeing and forming processes.