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for young designers
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Contemporary Primitives


Jagoda Fryca has graduated of Fashion Design department at the School of Form in Poznan.

Project description:
The project was born from the fascination with forms of creative activity, often spontaneous, by means of which man transforms space, objects. Largely inspired by “guerilla actions” in human space and an amateur production of everyday objects, took the form of a collection of shoes. “Contemporary primitives” are aesthetically far from perfection, stand in opposition to mass product, but paradoxically, built with elements taken from mass production. The starting assumption of the project was reflection on mass produced items. Designer proposes a more flexible approach to it and to consider it again as a resource. By allowing to play with ready elements, we can create “economies of unfinished products”, instead of the one in which all objects are “finished” and sentenced to rapidly become obsolete. This extension of looks at the system and circumstances, in which designer is now, opens again plurality of features. The author, in order to create the collection, in addition to elements of mass products, also uses materials and techniques available to modern man. It is called as the modern primitivism. It means no rudeness in the literal sense (referring to techniques or materials derived from primary cultures), but it can be understood as an opportunity to gather needed items at their own expense, in opposition to the mass culture. Today, the primitive is a handheld, imperfect, but set in modern realities.