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Stanisław Czarnocki got his bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He also graduated Product Design ECAL / Ecole Cantonale d’ Art de Lausanne in Switzerland.

Project description:
Project of a portable lamp, extremely functional, with universal application. Thanks to the fact that it is charged with mini usb-stick and powered by batteries (10h operation), it can be freely used depending on the needs, both inside as well as outside. With its simple form it fits easily in every style. Its value is versatility. It works both indoors and outdoors because it doesn’t have to be plugged into an electrical socket. It can function both as a standing or hanging lamp. Its LED light is scattered and thus more flexible and softer in reception. The arms and the base of the lamp are coated with rubber to avoid scratches on the surface where it can hang as well as on the lamp. Economy of form and simplicity so the lamp can fit in any interior. Starting from Corbusier building for which it was designed on contemporary apartments in the ending. According to the assumption that this is a “companion” lamp which can be moved, hang or take it outside as needed. The scattered light, gently illuminates the interior but it is not dominant. Perfect during a day in wok, relaxation or socializing. On the outside can act as a “lantern”.