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Orange LAB


Dominika Wysogląd has graduated of the Design department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Warsaw. She has been awarded in contest like Przetwór roku, Młodzi na start, make me! 2014. She is also a co-founder of design studio Marmalade Design.

Project description:
Orange LAB is a project for processing of orange peels sourced from cafes and restaurants in Warsaw. The project shows how bio-waste can be used to create a fully-fledged bio-material, according to the ideas of sustainable development. On the basis of essential oils and dried orange peel natural cosmetics can be created, such as effervescent balls, body scrubs or soaps, perfumes in four lines: Himalayan pini, herbal exotic, orange palm, winter fluff. This is an experimental project in which the starting point was to go through all stages of production, from obtaining waste from restaurants, by their purification, preparation for processing, extrusion oil until the formation of cosmetics. A simple and energy-efficient process allows for manual making products. In principle, Orange LAB has to be a place where you can buy natural cosmetics and the recipient can be a witness of the process of formation of a product as a result becoming a conscious consumer.