an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!




Wikoria Nowak comes from Bielsko-Biała, from three years she is studying design at the Technical University of Lodz (specialization Textile Architecture). She was designing fabrics and pattern intended for fashion and interior design, as well as graphic design, illustration and painting.

Project description:
Jacquard fabric “Ład” (Polish for orderliness) has been designed for use in the interior. It can be used as a curtain, upholstery, quilts or decoration. After an appropriate finish there is a possibility to use it in autumn or winter clothing. The fabric is inspired by the works of Polish designers working in the twenties and thirties in Artists Union “Ład”. The fabric was produced on a weaving, pneumatic loom with digital jacquard mechanism. By selecting this technology, project refers to the work of artists from “Ład”, whose projects, however, were created on traditional jacquard loom. The use of pneumatic looms allows for an accurate depiction of the character of even the most complex patterns, which is not possible with traditional looms. The process of formation of the fabric was supervised by Dorota Taranek.