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Kitchen Zero


Barbara Stelmachowska has graduated the University of Arts in Poznan, Interior Architecture and Design of furniture departments. She has participated in many exhibitions, among others, Arena Design 2015, Wroclove Design 2014. In the projects she pays special attention to public space and topics related to sustainable design.

Project description:
Portable stand / kitchen designed for food-related outdoor events. Personalized according to the user’s needs, thanks to the modular, interchangeable top. After dismantling, it takes a little space and is easy to transport. “Kitchen Zero” beyond the functional aspects, brings social value. Cooking, eating together with other people is an universal medium that connects people regardless of age, background or views. The project enables the transfer of these activities on the street, in parks, wherever you want to do. The project is a response to the need to organize outdoor events, which are becoming more fashionable.