an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!

make me! 2022 exhibition

We invite you to the Festival Center, Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki, admission is free of charge. The exhibition of the finalists will be open to the public throughout the festival, on May 12-22.

The competition, which has been carried out since 2008, is addressed to designers, makers, students and graduates, especially from art and design disciplines. To all those that are impulsively triggered to design when noticing a need or problem. In make me! projects that experiment with material or seek new interpretations of existing functions are also awarded. 

This year there were 147 entries, including from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Canada, Hungary, Lithuania, China and Austria. The works of young designers were judged by an excellent jury composed of: Izabela Bołoz, Krzysztof Kornas, Joanna Krokosz, Tomek Rygalik, Agata Kiedrowicz, Maurizio Burrato, and Michał Piernikowski. The winners of the competition will be announced on May 13 at 5 p.m. during the awards gala. 

make me! 2022 finalists:

  1. Pauline Agustoni – Mastectomy Caregiver (Germany)
  2. Kamila Cembor – Shoes like no other. Extending the life of footwear. (Poland)
  3. Jan Garstka – A colour palette to be used in the public space, designed with regard to people suffering from colour vision deficiencies and in accordance to industrial colour standards. (Poland)
  4. Maciej Głowacki – Physical Love – Accessories for Closeness and Tenderness (Poland)
  5. Maciej Głowacki – CRN_01 „Hummingbird” swabs (Poland)
  6. Dominika Gwarda – „Scratched” (Poland)
  7. Katharina Halusa – Braided Textiles (Austria)
  8. Klaudia Janikowska, Yuliya Neronskaya – Banffy (Poland)
  9. Aleksandra Jankowska-Głowacka – SUP – Support your plants (Poland)
  10. Blanka Jaworska – TODD - tactile objects to touch (Poland)
  11. Ewelina Kaczmarska – The Gentle Art of Disappearing, or creation of postmortem memorials (Poland)
  12. Weronika Kamińska – Menstruation – problem of a modern woman (Poland)
  13. Yoosung Kim – Football Boots for People with Cerebral Palsy (Switzerland)
  14. Kaja Kropidłowska – OLSO – garden solar lamp (Poland)
  15. Patrycja Małek – Inspiro – telemedical tool for respiratory rehabilitation (Poland)
  16. Magdalena Mojsiejuk – Gardenfit (Poland)
  17. Marie Radke – Volta (Germany)
  18. Marie Radke, Anna Koppmann – First Aid Gloves (Germany)
  19. Julia Sieńkowska – Rescuse Buoy adapted to the drone (Poland)
  20. Julia Sulikowska – Urban Coolspot Project (Poland)
  21. Magdalena Maja Tywonek – NOWÈ | YOURBOOK (Poland)
  22. Zuzanna Wdowik – FORMS – A system of elements supporting the creativity and physical development of children (Poland)
  23. Laura van de Wijdeven – Eggshell Ceramic (The Netherlands)
  24. Zuzanna Wójcik – Soft or Not (Poland)
  25. Michalina Zadykowicz, Sabrina Haas – Urban Clay (Poland, Austria)