an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!

message from the jury

Boaz Katz
„I hope to see brave ideas, but with feasibility in the real world. Understanding, manufacturing process, and respect for the details, with a strong story.”

Czesława Frejlich
„Contemporary design, just like other professions, faces new challenges posed by the present day. In competitions addressed to the young designers - such as make me! - works are sought that are not another products, because we have excess of it. We are looking for solutions to previously neglected but socially important problems. The commercial market is not yet prepared for the future, clinging to GDP growth as the only strength of social development. The young generation should rethink values. Reality screams - overconsumption, climate changes, inequalities, overcrowding, endangered environment.”

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka
„First of all, I expect earnestly prepared, comprehensive applications. The ones that will not leave us trembling, that we have overlooked some pearl that has not been properly documented, described, presented. Everything counts: quality of the description, photos, illustrations, aesthetics of the presentation. The jury cannot guess, we must be sure what we look at, what we evaluate, what the project is about. Do not wait with preparing applications to the last minute!”

Szymon Hanczar
„I count on projects that relate to current problems, respond to them, and perhaps draw attention to those that we do not notice yet. Design today is definitely more than aestheticization of our surroundings. Over the past "years" we have proven many times (we, here at the Vistula river) that we are able to design, produce and compete successfully on international markets. However, all this often happens at a certain cost, at the expense of the environment. This does not give us the best certificate, and reminds me of the slogan of the Festival from a few years ago: Design Won't Save The World. However, I hope that it will try.”

Maurizio Burrato
„Design is a cultural act. As any form of art, is intended to express the »Zeitgeist« and to represent the biggest issues of the modern society. It must take on the great responsibility of the everyone’s future and stand up for big values. More than ever we must judge an object, an industrial product or a building not only for the technical or economic value but for the social impact this product/object has. The designer is not responsible for the people’s anti-social behavior or their incivility, but must prevent an eventual misuse of the product by taking care the materials used, the possible up-cycle of it and the carbon foot print during the process. I like to see a product where creativity, sustainability, craftsmanship and technology cooperate together. Alina Wheeler said that »Design is intelligence made visible« and now is up to us to show how smart we are.”

Jerzy Porębski
„From the make me contest, I expect a positive surprise of fresh, witty, and at the same time responsible look at what hurts us, and maybe discovering the invisible sources of this pain. make me! under the festival’s slogan PROGRESS! is also waiting for some change, development, but above all in the way of thinking and new sensitivity, and also to try to »take the spell away« from our reality.”

Agata Nowotny
„Young designers have an extraordinary advantage and privilege - they can experiment and move beyond the limits imposed by the markets. However, I am not interested in projects detached from the reality. On the contrary - in the work of young designers I am looking for radical honesty, accurate diagnosis of the situation and brave alternatives and attempts to break the status quo. Today's design is no longer about designing nice and functional things, more and more often about minimizing consumption and reducing production waste. I often pay attention to small projects, modest but aptly pointing to the problem and looking for solutions. Who, if not a next new generations of designers, can inspire us, how to break the deadlock and not degrade the environment?”

Michał Piernikowski
„make me! contest is my favorite part at the Łódź Design Festival. It is a contest and exhibition that has changed along with the development of the Festival, but also, which is more important, it changes as the economy changes, both in our country and around the world. „Being a jury member of the make me! is the best way for me to see how designers entering the market are responding to upcoming trends. Observation of submitted and awarded projects from previous years shows how many of them accurately predicted market demand and social needs. The aspect of designers' social awareness related to the most urgent challenges of today, such as the climate crisis, environmental pollution and shrinking of natural resources, is for me the most interesting element about the make me!. This is what designers have recently devoted a lot of attention to, sending products to the contest, which sometimes meet with investors' interest at the exhibition. I am looking for such projects among applications - brave, innovative, responding to important social needs, and at the same time consistently and wisely combining market fashions with mega trends related to the progressive degradation of the natural environment.”

Luca Nichetto
„I hope to see design concepts that are exploring different typologies, not the classic, expected things from the design scene—with a special focus on the new ways of living and how this is inspiring the new generation of designers. Would love to see what brave new worlds they are exploring!”

Mariusz Włodarczyk 
„What do I expect from projects submitted for the contest? There are two basic values for me which I value the most in design. On the one hand, the professionalism of the designer, which is demonstrated by a well-designed product, properly selected materials used for its implementation, and awareness of the impact of designed objects on the natural environment. It is determined by the use of an innovative construction or an object adequate to the function and form, also the right technology - traditional one or open to new possibilities safe for life on our endangered planet. A well-designed product should have a form that clearly conveys its idea, have a functionality that meets the design assumptions, be characterized by simplicity and restraint in generating subsequent components, have an interesting, semiotic image of the whole. On the other hand, the topic of the design task that the designer undertakes is extremely important to me. The answer to the question, to whom is the project addressed, who is the direct recipient and who is the indirect recipient? Is he aware of the importance of design problems undertaken, shows sensitivity to human needs? Does he have a sense of responsibility for the effects of his tasks, wonders about their social perception, whether the designed product will be just another element of the earth's refuse dump, or on the contrary, will help to function better and make life better and sometimes even possible. I am sure that this year young artists will present many interesting and creative solutions that will meet the expectations of the jury and interest viewers watching the effects of their work.”