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SUP – Support your plants


Project description:

"SUP" is a set of three forms for supporting potted plants. Their shapes are adapted to plants of different habits. The project is a kind of home "jewellery". Delicate, geometric, colourful objects create sculptural compositions with different species of plants.

I was inspired by my own search for functional and at the same time visually attractive forms that would suit the apartment and with which I could support the plant shoots. I consulted the method of support with a landscape designer. The visual inspiration came from steel playgrounds designed by Aldo Van Eyck, among others.

Eventually I designed 3 types of supports. The first one, in the form of a full circle on a single leg, is designed for climbing plants. Another one, semi-circular, supports single shoots and heavy flower clusters. The third one is an incomplete circle on two supports, into which we can gather leaning plant shoots. The forms are a coherent set - they have the same spacing, height, arch diameter and bending angle. They are made of powder-coated stainless steel. The set comes in three sizes: it can be 30-cm, 40-cm, and 60-cm high, to accommodate a variety of plant sizes.

The project was made possible by an art grant from the Marshall of the Mazowieckie Province.



A designer. A Bachelor and Master of Design at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. She is an author of furniture projects for urban space and small utility objects. She has been also involved in designing exhibitions.