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Soft or Not


Project description:

"Soft or Not" is an experimental project, consisting of five textiles. It explores textures from the main categories according to neuropsychology and cognitive science: smooth-rough and soft-hard. It investigates the change in intensity of sensation depending on the weaves and materials. It helps to create awareness of the components of the weaving technique in relation to the tactility of textiles. Different weaves, their scale and materials were tested to gain a deeper understanding of their relationship and the process of texture creation. The five pieces focus on the gradual change of textures, highlighted by the corresponding colour gradient.

Texture is an important component of object perception. It evokes the consumer's emotional response to a product and can therefore prolong the life of a product by postponing its replacement. It is also closely connected with pleasantness and psychological well-being. The release of oxytocin when touching textured surfaces can reduce stress and anxiety. The project responds to the above idea by demonstrating the ability of textiles to stimulate the sense of touch through the use of textures.

A graduate of the Faculty of Design, Fashion Department, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2019), MA studies in textile design specialising in jacquard weaving, industrial carpets and screen printing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (2021) and soon The Swedish School of Textiles in Boras (2022).



She interned at the JW Anderson studio in London (2015) and at the Textile Research Institute in Łódź (2020). Honored with the Vogue Polska scholarship and the Prof. Andrzej Jan Wróblewski Prize for her diploma collection researching sustainable materials and natural dyeing of textiles in the fashion context (2019). Finalist of The Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize (2021). She has participated in exhibitions, incl. Materials Edit, Colour Hive x Surface Design Show, London (2022); Väv - Hantverk för alla Dunkers, Helsingborg (2021-22); Open departments / Closed departments, Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź (2020-22); Future Man 2052, Brussels Design September (2020).

In her current projects, she is interested in the haptic perception of textiles and methods to achieve textures in jacquard weaving.