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Shoes like no other. Extending the life of footwear. Design of an ecological hemp shoe upper.


Project description:

The fashion industry is one of the most harmful industries for the environment Unfortunately, this often results from a thoughtless rush and hasty purchase de- cisions that drive consumerism. My response to this issue is the design of biodegradable shoe uppers, which extends the life of a second-hand sole. The shoe uppers are made of hemp, and their colour has been obtained thanks to the use of natural colourants. In order to prevent the use of artificial glues in the production process, the shoe uppers are fastened to the sole by sewing. Then, in the recycling process, the rubber sole can be sent for further processing and the shoe upper that goes to the landfill is not harmful to the environment. The sole as a symbolic trace of consumerism has a certain history, and the biodegradable shoe upper is a symbol of the ecological approach to an everyday item.



Born 1995. Graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Design (2016–2020). The "Shoes like no other" diploma was shown at "Coming Out". The Best Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, 2020. She completed her apprenticeship at Beza Projekt. She received an award for the Fantazja project in the Danone - Design of the Future (2019) competition. From 2020, he continues his studies at the Faculty of Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She entered the professional path as a Graphic / Product Designer and as a junior Art Director.

She took part in exhibitions such as:

  • Designing Experiences, Warsaw, 2022,
  • Vienna Design Week, Young Polish Designers, Vienna, 2021,
  • Poznań Desing Festival, Designing Experiences, Poznań, 2021,
  • Young Polish Designers, Łódź, 2021,
  • Confrontation of the Student Poster 2021 in Tarnów,
  • Wanted Design, International Schools Show, Online Spring 2021, New York,
  • FNC diplomas – online exhibition, 2021,
  • Graduation Projects, Cieszyn, 2021.