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Dominika Gwarda Poland

Project description:

"Scratched" is a collection of jacquard fabrics intended for interiors. They can be used as decorative fabrics for curtains, plaids, pillowcases, etc. They are made of yarns of natural raw materials, which makes them pleasant to the skin with a soft touch. In turn, the weaves used are strong enough to make the fabric durable and easy to care for...

I wanted to create a collection of modern, decorative fabrics for every budget using the jacquard technique, which is generally considered luxurious and old-fashioned. I designed minimalistic, burred patterns and I limited the palette to three colours. In order to make the weaving process less complicated, I decided to use only one weft - which reduces the risk of its breaking and allows greater control over the parameters of the finished fabric (the density of the weft doesn't have to be as high as in multi-weft fabrics in order for each colour to be clearly visible). I used undyed bamboo yarn as warp and black cotton weft. I achieved the grey colour by properly mixing the weft and the warp in the weave. The result was a durable fabric at a significantly lower weaving cost in this rather expensive technique.


I am a graduate of design with a major in textiles at the Technical University of Łódź. I defended my thesis in 2021. Before I got involved in design, I also completed international cultural studies and art history programme at the University of Łódź. During my first studies, I chose a specialization that can be easily classified as cultural anthropology. Even though I later completely changed my "industry," I think that this knowledge base from different fields ultimately helped me in my design work. Before I applied to design programme, I had known that I was interested in specializing in textiles, and the Textiles Faculty in Łódź seemed like the best choice for me. I made my first jacquard projects while still at university, under the supervision of my lecturers. I learnt the rules, learnt the basic weaves. Later, I took up jacquard design professionally, both in artistic and technological terms. By then, I could experiment with different weaves and fabric parameters on my own and I discovered how much freedom I obtained thanks to the thorough knowledge of the technique.