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Physical Love – Accessories for Closeness and Tenderness


Project description:

Today, the image of sex is severely distorted. Sexualised popculture, pornography and cultural liberalization come with a lack of appropriate education, especially concerning emotions. Even though the average age of pornographic initiation is 11, proper sex-ed is still unavailable in many countries. Meanwhile, erotic accessories are gaining popularity. The majority being objects for a single user, meant for penetration. They promote self-satisfaction, self-sufficiency and orgasm as the ultimate goal. Those products refer to the most biological drives and therefore meet with huge consumer demand.

"Accessories for Closeness and Tenderness" are made for sexual education in pairs. They’re a counterproposal to today's sex toys – provoking closeness instead of promoting stereotypes and hedonism.

"Physical Love" consists of 3 independent objects, related to 3 universal areas of sexuality:

  • Before sex – "Invitation" – lamp dedicated to easing problems with sexual communication and expression of initiative,
  • In the act – "Consonance" – electronic device that helps in achieving sexual harmony with one’s partner through listening to their heartbeat,
  • After intercourse – "Presence" – set for creating jewelry from "bedroom memories".

Designed with accessibility in mind, for pairs of users regardless of their gender, orientation, age or physical fitness.

The project postulates a possibility of sexual education through objects that help bonding with one’s partner. Sexuality not as solitary activity, but in relation to another human being. Intimate relation instead of sexual efficiency. Everyone needs sex-ed and it can only be learnt with one another.



A graduate of the Design Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, I previously studied at the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry of the University of Warsaw. The background of scientific education allows me to maintain an analytical approach in my design projects. Since 2014, I have been gaining professional experience working for the Polish technology company Sygnis SA.

For me, design is a vocation. I believe that as designers, we should direct our gaze to regions that do not promise profit or market value. We are to search for genuine needs and answer the yearning present in people.