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OLSO – garden solar lamp


Project description:

"OLSO" is a self-sustaining garden solar lamp. It is suited both for domestic gardens and terraces, and thanks to its mobile form it accompanies users whenever there is any need for handy lighting. During daylight, the lamp is charging, while after sunset, it can be used anywhere its needed – held in hand during walks, stood at a table for a summer dinner, on the grass during picnics, or hung to facilitate technical jobs in the garden.

"OLSO’s" form is a result of a thorough understanding of gardeners’ activities, as well as product’s form optimization. The LED light module is situated on one of the sides of the lamp, while the solar panel powering it is placed on the opposite side. An intuitive slider enables the user to adjust the brightness. The lamp has a comfortable handle, thanks to which it can be easily moved, or rested on it on a chosen angle to point the light in a desired direction. This element also accelerates the charging process. "OLSO" is a fusion of functionality and minimalistic design.



Design student at UP Kraków. Born and raised in Bydgoszcz. A year-long learning experience in the US led her to choose her career path. Her goal in product design is to make durable, useful and easy-torepair items that respond to environmental problems - overconsumption, limited resources, rubbish and the climate crisis. She completed an apprenticeship in the industrial design department at PESA S.A. and at Boomplastic.