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Project description:

The idea underpinning the project is to support individuals in the process of improving their mental health. Strong, healthy and conscious individuals are capable of implementing their extraordinary visions with ease. As a result, the world becomes a better place, full of strong and beautiful initiatives. The project aims at creating an object that would make the process of writing down feelings and thoughts more convenient, sustainable and trendy. That’s why it features a luxurious and customizable cover and a set of interchangeable notebooks.

Thanks to the idea, several notebooks can be stored under one cover. This comes in handy when the user participates in a number of workshops simultaneously. Things can be written down in one place and organized in one’s own way. The project is a sustainable alternative to single-use notebooks with hard covers. It contributes to the reduction of such covers being notoriously difficult to recycle.

The product is created for those who love to learn as well as those who wish to heal and transform themselves.



Born in 1987 in Warsaw, designer. Graduated from The Faculty of Industrial Design, MA in Philosophy. On a daily basis a structural packaging designer and industrial deployment specialist of packaging, with a strong passion for forms made of paper and sustainable solutions.

In her designs, attention is given not only to all the technical aspects of the project but also to the human experience as well as its cultural and psychological aspects.

She has lived and studied in Vienna and in Western Australia. Australian Aboriginal cultural studies sparked off her interest in spirituality, energy and the aspects of our culture commonly referred to as "magical".

Twice finalist of the Pro Carton Young Designers Award (Sorrento 2014, Cannes 2016); double winner of the Packaging Innovation competition (2014, 2015).