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Menstruation – problem of a modern woman


Project description:

The project is an educational board game for children. The game allows one to learn about menstruation, also being an answer to menstrual poverty. The woman's menstrual cycle was graphically represented on a circular game board. The board contains 28 fields that symbolize individual days of the cycle. The game consists of 46 cards depicting the behavior and feelings of a woman during the menstrual cycle. The set includes 16 pawns and a four-sided dice, which corresponds to 4 weeks – the duration of the cycle. The game also has an information booklet, user manual and packaging included. The board, pawns and dice are made of wood, which improves the endurance of the product. The game is intended for children over 7th years of age.



Weronika Kamińska, a 23-year-old student of Stage Design and a graduate of Design at the University of the Arts Poznan. Passionate about tailoring. Weronika is a creative person with an aesthetic sense and attention to detail, which is confirmed by her projects. Her mission is to design functional and ergonomic objects. She wants to create using ecological materials and in accordance with the claim "less is more".