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Project descritpion:

Our food system is in disarray and impacts our planet in a catastrophic way. Most of us have no idea how our food is grown and how much time, effort, and resources it takes. On the opposite side, we are suffering from a disconnection between our everyday work lives and physical activity, and an abundance of ultra-processed foods.

Movement for gardening as an exercise could tackle both ends of the problem. We could impact our cities to become more green, edible, and urban.

Analyzing the influence and visual language of fitness brands and their impact on our infrastructure and daily routines, "Gardenfit" utilizes their aesthetic language for a campaign and designs speculative "fitness-gardening" tools.

What if we started to treat gardening as exercise, and devote the same amount of infrastructure, money, and fashion – as we do to sport?

Let's change our cities, waistlines, and food systems.



Graduate of Industrial Design at School of Form, SWPS University, and Master in Design For Emergent Futures at IaaC, Barcelona. On a daily basis, she collaborates designing the future with the Barcelona-based "Futurity Studio" and deals with the future of food and experiences with Warsaw "Studio Prognoza".