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SCOBY: living packages


Roza is this year's graduate of School of Form in the field of Industrial Design. In her design work she seeks new meanings of practicing as a process where making meets growing.

Project description:
SCOBY: packages that live is a project inspired by the vegetable farming. Plants are subjected to standardization tests just like objects. The farmer is more and more an engineer and the farm becomes a factory. So, is it possible that mass-produced things will grow? To produce packaging that lives, tools are needed, as well as for growing onions. The SCOBY material is fed with an extract from agricultural waste. The material is a membrane that prolongs the durability of a product and can be eaten together with its content or serve as compost. SCOBY is grown by a farmer not only for the production of packaging, but also because of the valuable by-product, which is, depending on the concentration, natural fertilizer or probiotic drink. So maybe the packaging production will no longer litter the environment, and it will even enrich it?