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Petit Pli - Clothes That Grow


I am a 24 year old designer from London. I have a background in Aeronautical Engineering and Global Innovation Design. Petit Pli was inspired by my undregraduate research into deployable satellite panels at Imperial College London. Shortly after graduating as an Aeronautical Engineer I began a Master’s in Global Innovation Design at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College Ldonon. During my Master’s in Global Innovation Design I knew that I wanted to enter the world of fashion, but I was disheartened by the unsustainbility of its current busuness model. At around the same time, my sister was having another child. The engineer in me realised that if I simplified the huge problem I was trying to tackle, I’d have a chance at actually making a difference to fashion consumption. That’s when I focussed on a niche user group, children, and the concept of one size fits all surfaced.

Project description:
Petit Pli’s mission is to reduce waste and consumption in fashion. Petit Pli garments grow up to 7 sizes. This means parents are buying one, instead of repurchasing the same item seven times. And this results in less: material waste at production; labour and transportation (CO2 emissions). To create our patent-pending design we studied a range of ergonomic datasets for children. This resulted in the design of a structure which retains a defined silhouette at different stages of expansion. The expanded shape is directly determined by the packing ratios of the material structure. The design is machine washable, packable and waterproof. Also, Petit Pli works on a psychological level. Instilling slow-fashion values in growing children and new parents, who are both at a new stage of life. A stage in which they are open to learning.