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for young designers
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“Worm” is a project of the interdisciplinary design studio Marmolada Design, founded by Magda Pawlas and Dominika Wysogląd, graduates of the Design Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and Warsaw. “Marmalade” focus on a simple form and get inspiration from people around them and the environment. They love travelling, challenges, kitchen and extreme sports.

Project description:
“Worm” is a project of urban jacket for young, energetic, city-loving people. Form of this jacket was inspired by the crustacean. In the rear part there is an element intended for pumping. A crowded city does not always allow us to sit comfortable in every place. During an evening hike to the riverside or street meetings we often sit on the ground. Why, then, shouldn’t we sit comfortably on a soft seat that we can always have with us or behind us? The design process required the intersection of two worlds: design and fashion. Clothing in which we walk daily was combined with a product – a place to sit. The common denominator was the back part of our body.