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PVC Parasite


Eran usually find solutions by observing nature. He lives in the forest and he was inspired by wood parasites and tried to imitate their way of connecting to the trees. Essentially, the product was created only after choosing the connection type. During the creation process, there were multiple kinds of connections, each for a different product.

Project description:
His intention was to reach a new form of a connector, which derives from the characteristics of each material and the process it encounters through burning, sun heat and extreme weather. Essentially, it is a way to utilize extreme conditions and waste for renewable, useful products. The project began as a research, testing the connection between PVC pipes and logs. The connection was made first by heating on a bonfire and fixating the shape of the PVC pipe to the log and finally the technique turn to heating by industrial electric fan heater and fixating the shape of the PVC pipe to a supporting bar.