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Class under the sky


Aleksandra Szewc has graduated with honors as Bachelor of Fine Arts in Warsaw, at the Department of Industrial Design. The finalist of the “Young Design” 2015 competition. She also received an honorable mention in the competition “Glassberries Design Awards”. She completed an internship as a designer in Italy, Warsaw and Katowice. Since September she began studies at ECAL.

Project description:
Project of furniture and panels to manage the space near the secondary schools is an attempt to allow teachers to perform lessons in the field. It is a signal to make changes in the educational system by changing the environment in which the lessons take place. A class elevated to open air is forcing a different way of teaching, interaction and user activity. Here the teacher would become a tutor, and cooperation between students gets a new form. The impulse for this project was the lack of conditions for carrying out lessons in the area near the schools. Another impulse, was E. Wagenhofer’s movie “Alphabet”, criticizing the current educational system. Thus, the result was to make three “classes”, separated from each other by panels. Attractive educational offer, possibility of organizing classes in a different environment, raising interest, creativity and giving the possibility for interaction between students – those are main goals of the project.