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Patrycja Otachel is a trained strategist, studying Domestic Design at the School of Form. She is interested in designing responding to real problems. A simple form, low-processed materials and an element of fun, commitment are qualities that she tries to implement to the projects.

Project description:
“Groatsy” is a hot “water” bottle that uses heat retention properties of buckwheat instead of water. The author has selected buckwheat because it keeps heat for very long, is widely available and relatively inexpensive (compared, for example, with cherry pits), and has small, soft grains. During the development of “Groatsy”, it turned out that a structure should be built taking into account that it should prevent buckwheat from mixing and moving – hence the “rib” form. The fact that the buckwheat is placed in a fairly tight chambers, it holds the heat longer, and builds a solid form which can be bent, hanged or rolled. Simplicity, pleasure, solace. “Groatsy” is nice to wear, even without preheating. It is also convenient and safe – there is no fear that water will pour out of it, it does not need special treatments like salt cartridges. It is easy to heat up – it has to be in the microwave for two minutes or in the oven for ten. The product targeted at adults and everyone who is in contact with the heated “Groatsy” is delighted and immediately nestling with it.