an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!




Magda Gąsiorowska i Justyna Strociak have graduated of Industrial Design Department at School of Form in Poznan. They met during studies and have worked together for two years. They have designed the “Cooling Grip”, which landed them a place in the final of the last edition of the make me! contest.

Project description:
“IMMU” is the answer to the problem of inefficient circulation of lymph in the body, especially in women after mastectomy. “IMMU” is a system of sealed chambers in a sleeve, through which air flows in an undulating movement, thereby increasing the circulation of fluids. “IMMU” affects faster regeneration and removing toxins from the body. It is used to help in the manually performed drainage, mostly done by physiotherapists. The sleeve enables the users to perform it on their own several times a day. Appropriate lymph circulation is important for maintaining proper function of the human body. There are many groups of people who have a problem with the inefficiency of circulation as a result of surgical procedures, insufficient movement or its excess. By improving the circulation of lymph “IMMU” contributes to the quality of life. It is a product that fits into the trend of modern patient-friendly medicine and provides doctors with constant surveillance of patient health. The basic action of „IMMU” is undulating massage perceptible on the arm, which is possible thanks to specially designed chambers within the sleeve. In order to create tight air passages, the designers worked on a new method which uses existing materials and technologies (fusing plate, CNC laser, seam adhesive tape, sporting materials). Elements of the sleeve are easily accessible and the designers think that mass production of “IMMU” would not be expensive, therefore widely available. The project was consulted by health experts.