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Łukasz Maziarz has graduated the National School of Fine Arts in Tarnow, specializing in furniture making; Post-secondary Vocational School of Art: Maintenance of furniture and woodcarvers; the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the Faculty of Industrial Design.

Project description:
“Hilarius” are premium wooden frames for eyeglasses. Perfect execution and innovative technology of manufacturing makes them unique on a global scale. They deny the stereotypical perception of wooden glasses, as heavy and unstable, because they are based on an innovative technology of wood formation inspired by the flexible structure of classical bows for archery. This method of production allows to achieve delicate shapes while maintaining very high structural strength. The use of natural materials induces the responsibility of the customers. You can establish an emotional bond with such a personal object. A simple lens setting system allows the lenses to be installed in any optics shop, while spring hinges prevent from breaking the temples. Frames are produced in four standard sizes. The variety of color options let you adjust the frames to customer preferences.