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From Insects


Marlene Huissoud is French-born and British-based, an experimental designer. She works as a freelance designer for different companies. She graduated MA Material Futures in Central Saint Martins at the Art & Design School in London in 2014.

Project description:
Observations of surrounding nature led Marlene Huissoud to find materials, which she wanted to work with. Because of the fact that she comes from a family of beekeepers and has access to a variety of insects, she decided to start using and processing their waste. She is primarily interested in two insects – bees, which produce propolis, a bio-degradable resin, as well as the Indian silkworm, which discard its hard cocoon when they reach maturity. The project is a platform for innovation and sustainability. The author uses a lot of glass processing techniques that create sculptures / objects with bee propolis. By obtaining the product, which she called “a wooden skin”, she is able to prepare the material for the construction of various objects from fields such as furniture, fashion or decoration, creating 100% natural products with a new quality, appearance and odor.