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Anna Wójcik has graduated the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, which she finished with honors. She is engaged in product – and graphic design.

Project description:
The project of a workplace in a small apartment, with the possibility of changing its function to act as a table to welcome guests or enlarge the work area. The project is directed to people living in small apartments who often work at home, but do not have enough space – one room has several functions. This subject is close to the designer because she grew up in a house struggling with the problem of small space. It is estimated that more and more people will live in cities in the future, the apartments will be smaller and the buildings higher and higher. Furniture allowing for economic use of space is a timeless theme. The greatest value of the project is the ability to adjust to the user. Furniture has two modes of use, and the transition from one to the other takes a few seconds and does not require special cleaning work area. In addition, the user can configure the setup or the amount of storage needed for work tools – depending on user needs. Things are hiding under the counter without disturbing those seated at the table.