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C'est la vie


Aleksandra Korbańska has graduated domestic design at the School of Form Design in Poznan.

Project description:
A set of usable objects of indeterminate function and many different setup possibilities, forming alphabet of features: heavy / flat / long / empty / flexible. It includes: zigzag element from galvanized steel, stone slab, two elongated wood elements + a copper one, felt cone-shaped element and a rubber band. Sizes are chosen based on the standard dimensions of usable objects which can interact with the surrounding material world. The design process was based on the selection of natural, noble materials, ergonomics items, standardization of their size, in order to create as many opportunities and localness of performed services. The project points out the way in which people associate with objects, creates the possibility of unconventional utilisation of things, talks about the equality of the recipient and creator and the power of imagination, breaks the scheme, forces you to think. The potential of abstract forms, materials and relationships which occur between them, provoke the recipient to seek the use of the project and its elements. Between the act of creation and interpretation is a sign of equality, the user is thus free to use their imagination and intuition, so as not to work schematically. Part of the project is an essay about issues of potential and interpretation of objects.