an international design contest
for young designers
at the Łódź Design Festival!




Marzena Krupa:
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Since graduation professionally I have been working as a designer. I like creating pretty items. It is irrelevant to me if they fit in with the current trends, but what is essential is that a given item is functional and the recipients like it.

Project description:
“Stick” is a bookcase based on a pole construction. This piece of furniture consists of shelves wedging on four wooden legs that narrow with stepped slopes. Each of the six shelves has 4 drilled holes of different diameter so that they block at a different height of a leg. The piece of furniture may function both as a wall bookshelf and an openwork partition that divides space. “Stick” will serve as a perfect minimal library which can be used to store a book or CDs collection, or souvenirs from your travels. Simple technologies of production, transportation in flat packages and easy assembly make the piece of furniture a cheap, available and mass product. The product is made entirely of wood and wood-based materials. The production it based on simple woodworking techniques. The narrowing legs are made of beech plywood which provides rigidity and elasticity of the construction of furniture. The shelves are made of plywood laminated on both sides.