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Let’s play colours


Project description:
“Let’s play colours” is a book for the little and the big ones.

As a graphic designer from the millennial generation, I often tend to be overstimulated by images. Illustrations, drawings, patterns, Instagram, covers, prints, Facebook, graphics, collages, streets, advertisements, packagings. Apart from that, the ubiquitous shapes and colours overwhelm us all on almost every occasion.

Yet, it is even worse for children – illustrations “shout" to them and define their reality from an early age. Applications and colourful patters are everywhere. Items for children, toys, games, mobile applications, clothes, textiles, books, textbooks, educational videos – all this undoubtedly affects their perception and sensitivity. Does it have to be like that? After all, not only a graphic designer or an artist should let their eyes and senses rest.

Maybe there is a child close to you who is also struggling with overstimulation but does not even know it and cannot cope with it?

What about a children’s book without illustrations? It makes sense, let’s move their imagination and let the eyes of our children rest.

Barbara Olejarczyk (born in 1992), from Radymno in Subcarpathia, a painter and graphic designer. She runs a grassroots initiative and an open graphics workshop Krzyżówka. In 2018, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Łódź.