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Project description:
Wire is a 3D printing recycling system. It solves the problem that many designers, artists and developers have. What happens to 3D printed models that are no longer good, damaged or unusable?

With this recycling system, users have the ability to create new filament that can be used to print next models.

Wire has a purist and clean look. It should sit on a living room or office table, unlike a 3D printer that is often hidden away in the workshop.

The way it works is a simple extrusion process. Material can be put into the hopper, where it is moved by a screw. This moves the material into the heating chamber to make the material soft and extrudable. It always depends on the material how hot it needs to be, but the chamber reaches a temperature of 240 degrees. This is achieved by heating elements.

To get an accurate size, the speed of the screw is more important than the size of the nozzle. Thanks to the use of the G-force, we have a fixed tension, so only speed and temperature are factors for a homogeneous filament.

Wire is a new way of recycling with the big goal of recycling household waste and plastics in the future.

Passionate industrial designer with a specification in UX and prototyping.

I am currently studying my Master in Human – Computer Interaction in Salzburg Austria. I am originally from Germany, where I also did my Bachelor in Industrial Design in Pforzheim.

My passion is to design products that allow a unique and different way of using them. I don't want to jump into the craziest visions, but I want to be so close to the future that it is achievable. In contrast, I want to solve problems in a way that is so simple that it starts to be charming.