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Project description:
The „Werkelküche“ is a gender-open activity workstation that enables children to immerse themselves in free play worlds. In contrast to gender-linked and gender-segregated toys, the elements of the „Werkelküche” offer diverse possibilities to play. The curved worktop can be used as a sink, workshop or ski slope. The side compartments can provide storage and hiding space or bake crispy rolls. With the help of the colorful and interchangeable tools, children can realize their ideas and imitate the world of adults in a playful way. The „Werkelküche“ combines the formal and aesthetic features of children's kitchens and workbenches. This opens up a wide range of play options that lie between, next to or beyond the tension between the kitchen and the workshop.

Christine is a recent graduate from the University of Arts in Berlin. During her studies she became a parent herself and was confronted with the social norms that lay on her as a mother. She quickly realized that it not only affects her and her partner, but that even the smallest children are pressed into gender norms. Objects, toys and clothing reflect the idea of male and female through their shape, color and communication. Christine's everyday experience, her field of research on the playground and the lively exchange between parents are the inspiration and drive for her creativity. Her design process is shaped by a passion for craftsmanship and she combines contemporary manufacturing methods in design for children.