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Immeasurable Range


Project description:
We are insecure and anxious when our lives are influenced by shifting rules. By hacking four measuring tools, Boey Wang questions the rigid standards that we all tend to follow, even though they confine us and rule out subjectivity.

"Immeasurable Range" stretches the laws of physics and introduces a more elastic approach. In this educational kit you’ll find a rubber ruler that addresses social distancing and extends as emotional tension rises, and a 3D triangular ruler that offers reflective perspectives. There is also a drawing compass with a brush at the end that emphasises fluidity, and a flexible bubble level suggesting that relative flatness might be curved. The project is for adults to relearn the rigid understanding of reality and for teenagers to understand the relativeness of tools and knowledge. It evokes our elastic instincts of seeing the world without any frameworks.

I propose metaphorical flexible measuring tools in order to demonstrate a flexible perspective from one of the basic unit that constructs a society, especially an adaptability is needed more than ever in 2021. As a cartoonist and designer focusing on questionable the social system and normality, I am experienced in illustrative design and storytelling.

Boey (Bo) Wang is a Chinese designer and storyteller based in the Netherlands. He focuses on product design, social research and visual storytelling. His practice aims to reframe conventional perceptions of reality and his design methodology encourages changing attitudes as an alternative solution.

Boey explores the new way of inclusive design by questioning the exclusiveness of our perception. He hacked daily products and upgraded the function from an unusual way of seeing. His works can bring us back to the state where we were connected to the world without the rigid frameworks of thinking.