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Supersonic KickScooter


Project description:
The Supersonic kick scooter is a small, personal vehicle that has been designed to move quickly over short distances, especially in large cities, while avoiding traffic jams in crowded streets. It is an ecological alternative to cars and public transport.

The Supersonic was created concerning the sustainable design – the entire scooter is made from lightweight aluminum. Its openwork structure, inspired by the plant cells, can be easily transformed into a flat and practical small-sized vehicle. The deck of the scooter has a unique organic shape that makes the construction durable and strong enough to hold your position while you’re cruising around town. It’s designed to be comfortably used by anyone with larger and smaller feet.

You can store a Supersonic very easily without a kickstand, thanks to its three-wheel construction. The scooter is made of as little material as possible to respect material usage and make the design sustainable.

Supersonic catches the eye with its unusual and modern, openwork design. The name of the scooter is a "wink" towards its super-fast and ultra-modern electric counterparts. From the beginning, I wanted to use a conventional drive in my project. I wanted to find a way to transform essential work or university travels into physical activity, which most people miss out on daily.

Born in 1993. Designer working in various creative fields. He is a Ph.D and Assistant Professor in Design Department at the University of Art in Poznań. His work focuses on product design, medical devices, and visual communication with attention to materials and development techniques.