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Haptics of Cooking


Project description:
Seeing might be believing. Ironically, non-seers have sharper senses and are attuned to the environment much more than those who see. Naturally, we fear losing sight as we know the importance of vision.

Boey Wang designed a series of cooking tools to promote haptic flexibility and unpack the fear of not-seeing and not-knowing in what might be the most dangerous domestic space – the kitchen. Only from the perspective of sight, these tools might seem dysfunctional. However, it introduces a new side of functionality through the use of haptic sense. The monopoly of vision is questioned through its absence and the tools bring to light that "seeing" is not only visual.

The kitchen tools are not only for the visually-impaired but can make everyone experience cooking without sight and get the feel for haptic navigation and information processing, hands-on. By presenting cooking oriented by touch, the project aims to shorten the distance between the seeing and people who have no or diminished vision.

Boey (Bo) Wang is a Chinese designer and storyteller based in the Netherlands. He focuses on product design, social research and visual storytelling. His practice aims to reframe conventional perceptions of reality and his design methodology encourages changing attitudes as an alternative solution.

Boey explores the new way of inclusive design by questioning the exclusiveness of our perception. He hacked daily products and upgraded the function from an unusual way of seeing. His works can bring us back to the state where we were connected to the world without the rigid frameworks of thinking.