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Green Yarns Lab


Project description:
Green Yarns Lab is a research project focused on fabrics that stimulate the sense of touch with the use of 3D structures and juxtaposition of materials. The design process has resulted in interior fabrics that have a variety of applications, such as upholstery or acoustic panels.

Our main goal is to create fabrics where visual and tactile aspects are placed on an equal footing. Sustainability and responsible production are also very important to us. We use sustainable raw materials such as caseine and rose fibres, flax, hemp, nettle and Polish mountain wool. Instead of toxic dyes used in the textile industry we have opted to dye our yarns using plants. Summer was a period of experimentation with plants found in nearby forests and meadows, but kitchen leftovers such as apple or avocado peels were equally useful. We make the fabrics on a harness loom using our own weaving techniques to obtain organic, multidimensional structures while not abandoning traditional craft.

REST textile studio is a designer duo formed by Dominika Gacka and Julia Piekarska, students of textile and sportswear design at the Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź. In their designs, they strive to combine a balanced approach to the entire process with a modern, minimalist look at traditional weaving techniques. They plan to create textiles for interiors, which can be used as acoustic panels or space dividers, and put visual and haptic experience on equal footing. The Green Yarns Lab was first presented to a wider audience at the “Future Man 2052” exhibition as part of Brussels Design September 2020.