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for young designers
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Project description:
The crayons are made entirely of kitchen waste: green tea grounds, carrot and beet peelings, external "ugly" leaves of red cabbage and 100% organic soy wax. They are completely natural and contain no artificial colors.
Their non-obvious form refers to the seeds from which fruit and vegetables grow. This shape also allows you to practice hand motor skills – the pencil fits into small and slightly larger hands. The drying technique allows resulted in keeping the naturally occurring essential oils inside the waste, which is why the crayons smell beautiful and additionally stimulate the sensors.
The colors the crayons leave behind, due to their plant origin, are not perfectly saturated. The bag for their storage is a reference to the reusable bag, which is useful when shopping at a nearby grocery store.

A sculptor who works in the field of design graphics, drawing, animation, sculpture and design. Professionally, she designs elements for interactive exhibitions as well as experiences in a broad sense. Sculpture and drawing are the starting point for many realizations. In her activities, she focuses not only on the user experience and the study of interaction with the object, but also on the appropriate selection of the material. In her projects she follows the principle of cooperation with nature by using unprocessed or recyclable materials.