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Natalia Kostov wa born in January 1996 and started her artistic career by studying at the Szczecin art school. She is passionate about makeup, astrology and jewelery. She specializes in the field of packaging design, illustrations and bookbinding. Moreover she develops as a creative make-up artist, doing artistic make-up for fashion sessions or shows. In designing she deals with social issues, he is not afraid to take conscious actions in order to understand the essence of the problem such as the inconvenience of the life of the blind. In order to find out about the everyday difficulties faced by people with visual impairment or dysfunction she conducted a study in which she performed daily activities with her eyes closed. The result of the experiment was a book made by the author, consisting of notes made during the experiment and convex abstract illustrations that the recipient gets to know through the sense of touch. In other projects she deals with topics such as ecology, zero / less waste and death. Participant of many exhibitions and projects, including: - Participant of the project "Lorraine", Szczecin / Porcelette, 2016, - "Salone Del Mobile", Darg Design in Milan 2017, - "Urns of the (near) future", Funeral Forum, Poznań 2019, - "GENEALOGY", National Museum in Szczecin 2019. - Participant of the workshop "Hack the Future", Ikea House of Tomorrow, Szczecin 2020. In March 2020, she graduated from the Academy of Art in Szczecin at the Faculty of Design.

Project description:
POTROT (Pot and Root) is a design of a biodegradable pot made of a mass obtained in 100% from waste, which is an alternative to plastic disposable pots. When planting garden plants or plantation plants, plastic pots become just one-time waste for transporting plants from point A to B. All over the world thousands of plants are planted every spring, leaving thousands of avoidable waste. The POTROT flower pot, apart from the fact that it does not generate new waste, is a fertilizer for a plant that grows out of its decomposition. Ultimately, the plant is buried together with the pot. The mass from which the pot was made is fully biodegradable and comes from food waste (e.g. vegetable and fruit waste), dry plant leaves, waste paper and additionally contains eggshells, which are a complete source of calcium for our plant.

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