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for young designers
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This year's graduates of Design at the Faculty of Art of the Pedagogical University in Krakow. During their studies, they often collaborated, joint projects that created, among others a stool design for children, an educational kit for home breeding butterflies and the awarded MYMO project. In designing, they are often guided by psychological aspects, paying attention to the feelings and emotions of users.

Project description:
Mymo („my moments, my monument”) is a project with the use of which you can keep the memories of a loved one. The kit helps to go through all stages of mourning and understand the emotions accompanying them by preparing a dog-tag. Several parts of the project symbolize individual stages (phases). The proportions given let you create a workable paste. The remaining ingredients, smell, colour and moment should be found on our own, as this is the only way to embrace the uniqueness of this particular person. Combining all ingredients with water is a form of accepting the loss. Then all that remains is to form an item from the paste that will reflect the person who has been lost. The finished item should not only serve as a souvenir, but also be a form of incentive to speak about the person with others and express our feelings about the loss. Mymo also helps to go through other types of mourning, not necessarily connected with death, such as loss of a relationship.


The first stage of mourning - cement; The second stage of mourning - peat; The third stage of mourning - sand; The fourth stage of mourning - black cast iron; The fifth stage of mourning - water.

Instructions: Mymo - shape your memories to stay with you forever.

1. Prepare a dish to add the ingredients to.

2. Pour in the ingredients in the order and quantity given only after going through the stage.

3. Find 3 additional ingredients, you can also use those suggested.

4. Add any additional ingredients as needed.

5. Mix the ingredients and put them on the mate included in the kit.

6. Put on the gloves and shape the shape to contain all memories.

7. Leave the mold to dry for about 24 hours.

8. Share your memories with others.

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